J19) Anne JOHNSTON, tenth child of Benjamin Johnston and Mary Weld, born 22nd October 1753, married Jonathan SISSON - second son of Jonathan Sisson, Linen Printer and Bleacher of Lucan, and Catherine Marie née LEFEBURE, in Tallaght, Dublin on 23rd September 1775. Anne’s husband was a Linen Printer and Merchant. They lived in 20 Charlemont Street, Dublin. Jonathan died, intestate, about 1829.   
Anne and Jonathan had eight children:


Jonathan SISSON, the first child of Anne and Jonathan, born about 1777, married Sara Dunne of Mountview House, Dublin, in Taney (Dundrum), on 18th September 1805, being the probable date of his sitting for the miniature portrait, featured to the right. Sara was the sister of Valentine Dunne of Dundrum and sister-in-law of John Townsend Sinnott, whose first wife had been Emilia Dunne, and from whose home she had married. Sinnott was a Justice of the Peace, a Wholesale Silk Merchant and Manufacturer and one-time Captain of the Light Company, Liberty Rangers. Her two nephews, Valentine Dunne junior and Charles Dunne, each married younger sisters of her husband, Jonathan Sisson.


Jonathan, who had served as a Lieutenant in the 5th Regiment, Dublin Yeomanry (Liberty Rangers), wrote in 1822 of his own “considerable exertions as a member of the Liberty Rangers, in defence of the City and Castle of Dublin on the evening of 23rd July 1803 against rebel forces” and also mentions his father`s loyalty in the 1798 Rebellion (National Archives of Ireland: CSO/RP/1822/1271). It should be noted that his regiment “could never be charged with any of the disgraceful excesses of the period.” He was given the affectionate nickname “Honest Jonathan” by his fellow officers, who included Sinnott, in part due to his incessant labours to bring the state of trade in Dublin under the notice of the Imperial Parliament (William Frederick Wakeman, in Dublin: What`s to be Seen and How to See It (1853, 77).

 In 1806, Jonathan entered into partnership with his 1st cousin, John Johnston, at No 10, Church St., Dublin, as Wholesale Linen Merchants, advertising the business in Saunders` News-Letter (21/02/1806) as “Linen, Hosiery, English and Irish Flannel, Blankets and Manchester Warehouse.” He became a Free Citizen of Dublin, in January 1807 (Weavers` Guild), under the auspices of his uncle, Timothy Turner and of John Townsend Sinnott. He represented the Guild in the Court of Common Council, 1829-1835. His office, from 1815 to 1820, was at 8, Merchants' Quay. He was President in 1827 of the loyalist Royal York Club, named after the Duke of York. Jonathan was an early advocate of “a Board of Trade for Ireland”, writing in 1831 from Upper Charlemont Street to the Rt. Hon. Earl Grey, proposing its creation.  His evidence regarding the state of trade in Ireland was heard before different committees of the House, on various occasions. He was a member of the Ship Canal Committee and in 1828 was Secretary of the Silk Committee of Dublin, striving to ameliorate the critical situation caused by the collapse, due to foreign imports, of the indigenous Irish silk trade.

 In 1833, he was among the five unsuccessful candidates running for office as Sheriff of Dublin. They lived at 20, Charlemont Street from 1815 until 1831 and afterwards at No 1, Upper Charlemont Street. On completion of his term of office, representing the Corporation of Weavers on the Court of Common Council, Jonathan decided to retire to Canada. Announcing that he and his wife were “about to leave Ireland” (Saunders`, 01/05/1835) he advertised the forthcoming sale of many household objects and of his collection of paintings by masters that included Rembrandt, L. Giordano, Vernet, Zuccarelli   and Vandyke. They settled later that year in Camden East, Upper Canada (Ontario), with their daughter, Mary Anna, where they were eventually joined by both sons. Sisson, his wife and daughter regularly crossed the Atlantic, visiting Dublin, and were there in 1839, as was Jonathan in 1841 (Enniskillen Chronicle...21/10/1841). Jonathan died in 1849, whilst Sarah, living in widowhood with their daughter, died at Belleville on the 21st September 1855, aged 78. She was buried in St Mary Magdalene Cemetery, Napanee, Ontario. Jonathan and Sarah had three children:


Edmund Johnston SISSON, first child of Jonathan and Sarah, born abt 1807 was a Barrister.  Not long after being called to the Bar, he followed his parents and sister to Canada and was in 1838 a Lieutenant in the Addington Militia, Upper Canada. Some years later, when staying with his brother, Jonathan, on a visit to his native Dublin, he met and subsequently married Mary Cornwall. He was, as a result, admitted to the Freedom of Dublin, on the 22nd August 1846: “Edmund Johnston Sisson of Upper Charlemont Street, admitted a Free Citizen of Dublin by marriage to the daughter of Thomas Cornwell, himself a Free Citizen”.  His wife, née Mary CORNWALL died not long afterwards.   He married  secondly, by License on 30th November 1848, Mary JUDGE, daughter of John Chapman JUDGE of Gageboro House, King`s County and Emily SINNOTT, his first cousin-once-removed, the daughter of John Townsend Sinnott and Emily Dunne, his first wife. He returned to Canada with his bride the following year this time to live near his sister and brother-in-law, at Belleville.  When in Canada, Edmund found a second profession as a Notary Public.  He died on 17th April 1898 and Mary on 5th April 1915. Edmund and Mary had five children:
Mary ("Minnie") Emily SISSON born 1849 and died 1941
Jonathan Judge SISSON, born 24th April 1852, was a Mech. Eng./Machinist. He married firstly Jane BATESON (1852-1880) and they lived briefly in Toronto, where she died in 1880. By 1881 he had returned to live with his parents in Belleville. Jonathan and Jane had issue:  :
Ethel Blanche Mary SISSON born 5th April 1880-1880.

Jonathan migrated to the United States of America in 1888, marrying as “John Sisson, Widower” in 1890, at Port Huron, Michigan, to British-born Jessie WELCH, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth, his wife, nee Nelson. They were living at Battle Creek, Michigan, in 1903 (U.S. Census) but divorced in 1907. Jonathan did not remarry but retired in Canada to Belleville, Ontario, where he died in 1931. Jonathan and Jessie had issue:

George SISSON:  the first child of Jonathan Judge Sisson and Jessie, his wife, was born at Battle Creek, Michigan, in 1890. He was, by occupation, a Machinist, like his father. He married Elizabeth Margaret BLACK (1893-1993), daughter of Walter James Black of Michigan. George`s father was named in full, at his son`s marriage, “Jonathan Judge Sisson”. George and Lizzie lived at Norton Shores, Muskegon County. George died in 1977. They had issue:

Mary Jane SISSON: The first child of George and Lizzie, Mary was born in 1927and died in 2001. She married in 1947 Irvin Frank RAGER (1923-2005). They have descendants.

Ruth SISSON: the second child of George and Lizzie was born and died in 1929.

Edmund Thomas SISSON: the second child of Jonathan Judge Sisson and Jessie, his wife, Edmund was born in 1892. A Mechanic by occupation, working in 1940 in a Sheet Metal Factory in Detroit, Edmund married in 1933, Margaret LAFAVE. United States Censuses do not reveal any children born to the couple. Edmund died in 1969.

Mary Elizabeth SISSON: the third and last child born to Jonathan Judge Sisson and Jessie, his wife, was born in 1894 and died in 1979. She married in 1919, Lual P. SIMMONS. The marriage was witnessed by H.A. Sisson of Belleville, Ontario, the bride's aunt. They had issue, two children in Michigan.

Catherine ("Kate") Lefebure SISSON, born in 1858, married Thomas Edwin DRINKWATER of Medicine Hat, North West Territory, on 30th September 1880. She died at Brooke Lambton, East Ontario in 1946.
Hester ("Hetty") Anna SISSON born 26th September 1861, She lived with her sister Minnie, their being known affectionately in the locality as “the Misses Sisson of Belleville”. She died in 1942.
Elizabeth ("Bessie") Mauvillain SISSON born 1862 married Albert OLVER M.D. of Medicine Hat, North West Territory (“Surgeon” in all Canadian censuses).They had issue:

Albert Bernard Sisson OLVER, who was born on the 22nd September 1889, at Saskatchewan, the first child of Albert and Bessie OLVER. He was a Stenographer. Known as Bernard, he served in France with the 7th Canadian Infantry, during the First World War, ending the war as Acting Sergeant. He died in Vancouver in 1949.

He married in 1914, at Pierce, Washington, U.S.A., Mary Rebecca White, daughter of John and of Helena, nee Dugdale, of Washington, and had issue two daughters:

Mary Louise Olver, born in 1914, who married in 1939, at Seattle, Washington, Joseph Peabody Kinnard (d.1987), Accountant, the son of Lt.-Colonel Harry W.O. Kinnard, U.S. Field Artillery. They have descendants.

Helena Jane Olver, born in 1919 and who died in 1995. She married in 1951, in Washington, Andrew J. Munnell

Edmund Hugh OLVER: the second child of Albert and Bessie OLVER, Edmund was born in 1890 at Medicine Hat, N.W. Territory. He also served in the Canadian Army during the First World War and died in Vancouver in 1960. He married in 1926, Ruth Kersey. Existence of issue, not known.

Mary Monica Sisson OLVER: born in 1895 and who died in 1977. She married in 1921, in New York, Jesse Howard WILKINSON (1892-1967), a Broker and Insurance agent, working, at the time of the 1925 United States Census, on his own account. They lived then in Westchester, New York, but moved by 1950 to California, where their address in 1960 was 416, Ocean View, Santa Cruz. In 1952, they visited Europe, sailing on the SS Mauretania. There were no children born of this marriage..


Jonathan SISSON,  (1809-1862), second child of Jonathan and Sarah, was, like his brother Edmund, a Barrister at Law. He was admitted a Free Citizen of Dublin, 1849. There is the following entry in the Freedoms records of Dublin "Jonathan Sisson of Ontario Terrace, Rathmines, admitted by birth, as son of Jonathan Sisson, admitted Michaelmas 1810, 1849," (Archives Division, City Hall, Dublin). He lived at No 40, Ontario Terrace, Upper Charlemont Street and was in 1845 Master of the Corporation of Weavers. He settled in Canada in the 1850s. He converted to Canadian law, at the University of Toronto, where he gained his Canadian law degree in 1859. He practised in Belleville [Canada, City Directory, 1860: "Sisson, J., LLB, Belleville"; Caverhill`s Toronto, 260]. His died in Toronto in April 1862 [The Freeman`s Journal (Dublin, Ireland), 23 April 1862]. He is not recorded as having married.


Mary Anna SISSON, third child of Jonathan and Sarah, born in Dublin in 1811.  She married at Kingston, Ontario, Canada in 1841 George FILLITER of Thurlow, near Belleville, Ontario. George, an Englishman came to Canada circa 1830, from Dorset, where he was born in 1810, and of which county, his father was Under-Sheriff. He resided in Belleville and its immediate vicinity, with one brief interval, for forty-five years.  He was a rancher, taking his farm in Thurlow about 1834 and later Lt Colonel, (1863), of the Hastings Militia in Belleville.  He also served his community for many years as Justice of the Peace.  George died on 29th April 1880.  Mary Anna latterly went as a widow, to live with her married daughter in England, at Bradley Hall, Ashbourne, Derbyshire.  She died on the 24th November 1890.  She and George had four children :

George Sisson FILLITER, first child of Mary and George, born in 1842 in Thurlow, Belleville, Ontario. Educated at Belleville Grammar School and Upper Canada College (exhibitioner, 1861), George was for some years a law student in Toronto but desiring to enter the Church, went in 1866 to England, as would, in future years, his younger siblings. He matriculated at Durham University (B.A.) and became a licentiate in theology. Ordained in 1873, he became Vicar of Ryhill,and then Master of Holgate, both in the West Riding of Yorkshire.   In 1877 he married Emily Violette BRAMELD, daughter of the Rev. George William Brameld, Vicar of East Markham, Co. Nottingham. George Sisson Filliter died in 1906. They had 4 children :
Violette Kathleen FILLITER, first child of George and Emily, born in 1878 at Ashton, Lancs and who died at Parkstone, Dorset in 1964.  She married in 1907, Geoffrey Colley MARCH, MRCS; LRCP (London), formerly of Southampton, latterly of Abbotsbury, Dorset.  He died in 1922.  They had family:
Richard Anthony Colley MARCH, 1913-1990, only child of Violette and Geoffrey, Civil Servant. He died unmarried.

George William FILLITER, M.A. (Oxon), second child of George and Emily, born in 1879 at Ashton, Lancs.  He was an architect in Manchester.  He died, unmarried, in 1960.

Clavell Bernard Sisson FILLITER, third child of George and Emily, 1881-1883

Edwin Henry Neville Filliter, 1882-1882

Mary Sarah FILLITER, second child of Mary and George , born on the 8th June 1844 in Thurlow, Ontario.  Educated in England, she remained there.  She married on the 7th August 1867 at St George’s, Hanover Square, Bloomsbury, George Moore DIXON of The Manor House, Corfe Castle, later of Bradley Hall, Derbyshire, J.P.  The service was conducted by the groom’s brother-in-law, the Rev William Brown, DD., Rector of St Cuthbert’s Stella, Blaydon on Tyne, Northumberland.  Mary Sarah died on 21st November 1923.   They had five children :
Mary Elizabeth "Minna" DIXON, first child of Mary and George Dixon, born 21st May 1868 at The Manor House, Corfe Castle, Dorset.  She was a companion to her widowed mother until the latter’s death.  Mary then lived near her maternal cousins in Parkstone, Dorset, from 1923 until her death, unmarried, on 29th April 1951.
George Thomas DIXON, second child of Mary and George Dixon, formerly of Bradley Hall, Derbyshire, Commissioner of Livestock, Board of Agriculture & Fisheries, England and Wales, O.B.E.  George was born 25th March 1873 at Bradley Hall.  He regularly rode to hounds as a young man, was a keen fly-fisherman and when shooting seldom, if ever, missed a shot. Educated at Repton, he experienced considerable ill-health when 17 years old. A doctor recommended the Tropics, so George went to train in Ceylon (Sri Lanka) to be a tea planter.  Nearly losing his life there, another doctor recommended an extremely cold, dry climate !  George travelled to the North West Territory of Canada, where he became a salmon fisherman.  His illness, undiagnosed tuberculosis, never troubled him again. Serving next in the North-West Mounted Police, he experienced police work during the gold rush in the adjoining Yukon.  Latterly, he became a rancher with a friend at Bowness Ranch, near Calgary, Alberta.  He returned to England on his father’s death.  Selling his estate in 1910, he joined the Forestry Commission, moving later to the Board of Agriculture & Fisheries, where he became a Livestock Inspector.  Promoted to head that department as the Commissioner for England and Wales, he was awarded for his services in the New Year’s Honours List, 1931, with the O.B.E., (Civil Division).  Retiring in 1938, he was recalled to serve as Land Commissioner, Devon & Cornwall, 1939-1940.  George died at Grange-in-Borrowdale, Cumberland on 9th February 1951.  He had married at Tiverton, Devon, on 17th January 1911, Hilda Marian EGREMONT, daughter of Edgar J. Egremont.  The service was conducted by his cousin, the Rev. William D. Filliter.  George and Hilda had two children :
William George Moore DIXON, first child of George and Hilda, Major in the Regular Army, late of The Sherwood Foresters.  Born 17th November 1914 at Bakersgate, Pirbright. Educated  at Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, `Bill` Dixon entered the Army and saw action in the Second World War in France, Norway (where he was mentioned in despatches for driving a requisitioned bus full of British soldiers through a German roadblock and over a bridge under heavy machine-gun fire) and Burma. In the latter campaign,  he served on the 2nd Chindit Expedition (1944). They landed by glider at night behind enemy lines, using jungle clearings hastily freed of obstructions, in order to sabotage Japanese supply lines. After the war, he was stationed in West Germany and assisted at Nuremberg with the  International Military Tribunal (War Crimes Tribunal), whilst also finding time to act as `Whipper In` to the Royal Artillery Hunt at Luneberg Heath, which was open to members of other regiments. Seconded to the King`s African Rifles in Uganda and then in Kenya, he was involved in the suppression of the Mau-Mau Uprising in the latter country. After a period as Brigade Adjutant, Midland Brigade, in Warwick, he finally served with the Queen`s Own Nigeria Regiment, as Second-in-Command, Zaria, until 1958. He retired to his wife's home in Jersey in 1959.  He married in 1942, Hope May de Gruchy, daughter of Guy Fortescue Burrell de Gruchy of Noirmont Manor, Jersey. Hope, educated at Godolphin and the Jersey Ladies College, was a war-time Civil Defence Light Rescue Squad ambulance driver (Mechanised Transport Corps) in Lambeth, during the Blitz of London. Her worst memories of the war included having to help extract from the rubble of a bombed school the often dismembered bodies of small children, which she had to take to the mortuary. She was afterwards a W.R.N.S. driver in Dover and survived having her windscreen blown out, commenting that she would resist efforts to install a replacement as , without it, “it cannot be blown out again”! Bill died in 1988 and Hope in 1995. They have descendants.
Elizabeth Mary DIXON, second child of George and Hilda.  She married Lt Colonel John Patrick DE MOLEYNS WILKINSON.  They have descendants.    
Winifred Jane DIXON, third child of George and Mary, born at Bradley Hall on 29th August 1874 and died Ist January 1950 at Wimborne, Dorset, where she is buried.  She married at St John’s, Chester, on 12th December 1899, James Cautley ATKINSON, latterly of Colwyn Bay, Solicitor.  They had no issue.
Ida Harriet DIXON, fourth child of George and Mary, born at Bradley Hall on 8th November 1875 and died at Fenny Bentley, near Ashbourne, on 10th November 1962.  She married at All Saints’ Church, Bradley, on 7th September 1898, Edmund Paley STEPHENSON, C. Eng.  The marriage was conducted by the groom’s father, the Rev. Robert Stephenson, assisted by the bride’s uncle, the Rev. George Sisson Filliter and the rector !!   Paley Stephenson had been for some years what was then called a "gentleman rider", competing in steeplechase after steeplechase. After marriage, he devoted himself to his profession and was for many years Surveyor to the Urban Council, Llandudno. He died on the 14th July 1918. They had no issue.
Jane Moore DIXON, fifth child of George and Mary, born at Bradley Hall on 20th October 1876 and died, unmarried, at Warden-on-Tyne, Northumberland, where she lived with relatives, on 28th February 1941.
Clavell Freeland FILLITER, second child of Mary and George, born on the 19th January 1847 in Thurlow, Ontario.  Educated in England, he had a military career and became a Lieutenant on 28th October 1871, serving in the Army until 1889.  Capt. 2nd West Indies Regt., and later of The Bedfordshire Regt., Clavell served with particular gallantry and distinction in the Ashanti War, as recorded in the footnotes in each successive Army List from 1874 until his retirement.  He was sent as Special Commissioner in 1873 to King Solomon of Domonassie, whose assistance to the British in this war was vital.  He later fought and was wounded in the Battle of Pecabio, the 27th October 1873 but went on to fight in the battles of Assanchi,(3rd November that year), Amoaful, (31st January 1874) and Becquah, (1st February 1874).  

After the successful conclusion of the war, the government of the day disbanded the 2nd Battalion, West Indies Regiment.  Clavell, a Captain from the 25th September 1877, joined the Bedfordshire Regiment.  Stationed in Enniskillen, Ireland, then in India, his next battle experience was in Burma in 1885.   The British “Burma Expedition” of that year ended with the annexation of Upper Burma in January 1886.  Back again in Rangoon, Clavell was appointed Adjutant of the newly raised Rangoon Mounted Rifle Volunteers and “Assistant Cantonment Magistrate”, (Rangoon), the 18th September 1885.  Whilst in that city, family information records his having founded “The Gymkhana Club”.  (His great nephew, Captain “Bill” Dixon, with the 2nd Chindit Expedition in 1944, fought about sixty years later over much the same terrain, on this occasion as part of the struggle to free Burma from Japanese occupation.)   Clavell F. Filliter married in Jamaica, at the headquarters of the West Indies Regt.,  on the 19th April 1876, Ida Allice NUNES.  Clavell died without issue.


Henry Edmund FILLITER, third child of Mary and George, born 3rd May 1852 in Thurlow, Ontario.  Educated in both England and Canada, he was a partner in “Filliter & Holden”, Brokers, Belleville.  He married on the 16th June 1873 in Belleville, Ida Agnes E. HOLDEN, daughter of E. Holden Esq., of a family long-settled in Canada, having migrated there in 1799 from the United States.  They had four children :
Mabel F. FILLITER, first child of Henry and Ida, born 16th March 1874 and died in 1967.    She married I896, Henry W. POLLOCK, who died in 1939.     They had two sons, (one engaged in banking, Bank of Montreal, the other dying aged 26) and a daughter, none of whom married.
Clavell George FILLITER, 1876 – 1877, second child of Henry and Ida.
Ida Nina Christian Bernard FILLITER, third child of Henry and Ida, born in 1880 in Belleville, Ontario and died on 28th September 1978 at Shoreham Village, Chester, Nova Scotia.  She married on 10th October 1899, Charles S. STROUD.  They had a son and three daughters and have descendants in Canada.
George FILLITER, O.B.E., fourth child of Henry and Ida, born 18th March 1885 in Belleville, Ontario and died 31st August 1973 at Moncton, New Brunswick.  Orphaned at the age of five, he went to live in England with his aunt, Mary Sarah Dixon, née Filliter, at Bradley Hall, Derbyshire from 1891 to 1897, attending boarding school and spending holidays with his aunt and uncle.  He then went to college in Canada and entered the Bank of Montreal in 1903.  By 1913, he was Manager, (Magog branch).  He was afterwards Manager at Woodstock, N.B., (1918), Charlottetown (1925) and Moncton (1932), retiring in 1946.  In the latter part of his career, he travelled as a Bank Inspector for the Bank of Montreal to Mexico and New York City.  George’s civic service was extensive.  Amongst the many committees he chaired in New Brunswick, was the Citizens’ War Service Committee.  He was awarded the O.B.E.,(Civil Division), on 1st July 1946 for meritorious service organising and regulating the activities of the various war service organisations in the area.  George married on 7th October 1911 at Quebec City, Julia Blanche HALL, daughter of William Charles John Hall and his wife Amy Adele, née Forsyth.  They had four sons, one of whom died at a young age.   Their three surviving sons all came once more to Europe, on this occasion engaged in active service, (George Richard Forsyth Filliter as a Major, 4th Canadian Infantry Brigade, for which he received the M.B.E.; David Forsyth Filliter D.S.M. as a Captain, 2nd Field Regt., Royal Canadian Artillery and Brian Forsyth Filliter as an Air Gunner, R.C.A.F.)  They all have descendants in Canada.
Benjamin Johnston SISSON, second child of Anne and Jonathan, born around 1782/1784.  He was a wool merchant with his brother Jonathan, and features in Dublin directories as “B.J. Sisson & Co., Merchants, 12 Fleet St”.  From 1815 he resided at 16 Upper Merrion Street, moving by 1832 to Molesworth Street.  He was a member of Dublin’s Court of Common Council from 1829 to 1831.  He is not known to have married. He died 7th August 1849, aged 67. He is buried in Kilgobbin, Co Dublin.
Catherine SISSON,  third child of Anne and Jonathan, born about 1785, married John A. STEPHENSON in St Peter’s Church, Dublin on 5th September 1806.  John Stephenson had already died by 1828 as Catherine is referred to in her uncle Edmond Johnston’s will (J15) as a widow with two children.


Anna SISSON, fourth child of Anne and Jonathan, born circa 1788, she  married George WYBRANTS on 22nd July 1806. He was a joiner, carpenter and house builder in Dublin.  George died in 1831 and Anna in 1847.  At the time of her death, Anna was living in Bloomfield, South Circular Road, Dublin.  They are buried in Derrylossory Old Graveyard, Co. Wicklow.They had issue:
George Sisson WYBRANTS,  born about 1809, educated in Dublin and  admitted to study for the degree of Barrister at the King’s Inns, Trinity Term 1832.  He sat the final exam in 1841 and practised from that time onwards in Dublin as a Solicitor.
George married,firstly, Esther Anne BLAYNEY, on 2nd April 1839 in St Peter's Church, Dublin. She was the only daughter of William Blayney, solicitor.  Esther died in January 1858.  He married secondly Mary SWAN née CHAMNEY, daughter of Henry Chamney, in St Peter’s Church, Dublin on 2nd October 1861.  George died in Rathdown, Co Dublin in 1867, aged 58.
George had issue with his first wife :
George WYBRANTS, born 24th January 1843, baptised 30th March 1843. George was one of over 300 passengers lost in the wreck of The Royal Charter in October 1859.  The ship was returning from Melbourne, Australia to Liverpool and, after a brief stop in Cobh, co Cork, (Queenstown), it sailed into, what is considered to be, the worst storm of the 19th century in the Irish Sea just off Anglesey, Wales.
Emily WYBRANTS, baptised 17th December 1844.
Annette WYBRANTS, born 1847
Esther Anne WYBRANTS, born 1849. Esther appears in the 1861 British census with her two sisters living in the Mansion House, Islington as pupils.  She married Constantine Ethelbert CHARLTON on 4th January 1871 in the Presbyterian Church, Shepton Mallet, Somerset. (Her uncle, Jonathan Wybrants, lived in Shepton Mallet.)  Constantine & 'Essie Anne' emigrated to Canada after their wedding.  He was a Mariner, based in York, Ontario.  Later he became a distiller. At the time of his youngest daughter’s birth, he was a Post Office clerk.  Constantine died in 1908 in San Francisco aged 62.  Essie died in 1913.
Margaret Essienne Ethel CHARLTON, born December 1871.  She married Louis H. PICKARD in Toronto, Ontario in 1894.
Muriel PICKARD, born 1896.  She married Herbert LEAR in 1914.
Lily Marion CHARLTON, born 12th April 1873
Hester Beatrice CHARLTON, born 1874
Emily Louisa Annetta CHARLTON, born 25th March 1876
Constantine Ethelbert CHARLTON, born 1878.  Constantine was an oiler in the U.S. Navy in WW1 and was an invalid afterwards so he was granted a pension.  He died in 1926.
Jessie Muriel CHARLTON,  1880-1883
The Charlton family moved to San Francisco in 1883, where another son was born:
Reginald Earl CHARLTON, 1883-1929
John WYBRANTS, born about 1813.  He emigrated to New South Wales in 1839 as a steerage passenger on the s.s. Strathfieldsaye.  He lived there until 185 when, attracted by the gold-digging excitement, he arrived in Bendigo.  He worked as a miner in various parts of the district before turning to quartz mining.  John Wybrants held a claim known as the North Old Chum Company.
John died in October 1878, aged 65.  The Bendigo Advertiser published an obituary in which he is described as a truly generous warm-hearted citizen. He left several legacies to charitable institutions in Australia and also one of £500 to be distributed amongst the poor of Dublin, his native city.
Harriet WYBRANTS, born about 1814.  She emigrated to Australia with her brother Frederick in 1853.  She married Thomas LOWDEN the same year in Victoria.  Thomas died in May 1880, aged 72.  He is buried in Heathcote cemetery, Victoria.  Harriet came back to Ireland and died there in March  1901, aged 87.  
They had a daughter :
Anna LOWDEN, born and died  in Collwood, Victoria in 1858

William WYBRANTS, born 30th July 1815.  He was a J.P., living at Ashton Park, Co Wexford when he married Mary Ellen PORTER on 13th November 1849 at St Peter's Church, Dublin. William died in July 1895.   Mary died in Dublin, aged 80, in 1902.  They had issue, a son and two daughters :
William Sisson WYBRANTS, born 29th January 1863.
Mary Susan WYBRANTS, married William John GERRARD on 8th May 1883.  William was the son of the Reverend George Samuel Gerrard. Like his father, he was a Church of Ireland minister and, at the time of his marriage he was living at Ballycanew Glebe house, Co Wexford and he was rector of St Mogue's Church.    
Anna Florence WYBRANTS married Thomas QUINN 3rd quarter 1887.
Anne WYBRANTS, youngest daughter of  George Wybrants, Bloomfield, South Circular Road, Dublin, married James William HALL in St Peter’s Church on 15th October 1835.  Her witness was William Figgis.  They had issue :
William George HALL, born in October 1839
Anna Maria Lucy HALL, born in February 1842
Mary Emily HALL, widow LYNCH, 62 Rathmines Road, Dublin married secondly Alexander AGNEW on 14th July 1891.  Alexander, son of Daniel Agnew, was born about 1848 in Templepatrick, Co Antrim.  He was a tea merchant and his address was The Emerald Hotel, Dublin  The bride's witness was F. Wybrants.
There is a prison record for Alexander Agnew, Kilmainham Prison, dated 1894 for assault on his wife …  Mary Emily Agnew died in 1898.  Probate granted in January 1899 to her husband Alexander and her brother Frederick Hall.
Frederick Wybrants AGNEW, born & died 1892
James Alexander Wybrants AGNEW, born 24th October 1893, baptised 6th December 1893, in Rathmines Parish Church, Dublin. James died in 1919.
Frederick HALL, born 14th February 1864 in Limerick. He was a doctor, general practitioner and surgeon.  He married Mary Agnes SMITH.  She was born in Glasgow in 1869.  In the 1891 census they are living in Newchurch, Lancs. Frederick & Mary had five children, all born in Bacup, Lancs.
Agnes Hamilton HALL, born 1893
Frederick HALL, born 1895
John Wybrants HALL, 1896-1975. John was a motor engineer.  He married Elizabeth Jane HUGHES in the Parish Church, Rhoscolyn, Anglesey, Wales in June 1924.
Marion HALL born 1898
Anna HALL, born 1900
Jonathan WYBRANTS, born 1818.  He studied medicine in Aberdeen and for many years he was coroner for the Eastern Division of Somerset, based in Shepton Mallet.  Jonathan married Mary BATH in January 1844.  They had nine children.  Mary died in November 1866, aged 43.
John WYBRANTS born in 1846,died in May 1865, aged 19.
Robert Bath WYBRANTS, born 1848. He graduated at Cambridge at the early age of 19 and soon afterwards he went to Dublin to study medicine. He became M.R.C.S. in 1871 and in 1873 was appointed House Surgeon to the Coventry & Warwickshire Hospital.  In 1875 Robert became Medical Officer to the Wincanton Union Infirmary and commenced practice.  He was of a generous disposition and his jovial manner endeared him to a large circle of patients.  He had a bright future in front of him but, owing to failing health, he was obliged to resign his appointments.

Robert married Caroline Brunton COOPER in April 1877.  He died of tuberculosis in 1890, aged 42. Caroline died in 1919.  They had issue :
John Holman WYBRANTS, born 1879. In the 1901 census John was an art student at The Royal Academy. He married Olive Euphemia CRISP, in St John's Wood, London in 1906. During the First World War, John was a Second Lieutenant with the 3rd London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers).  He died in France on 30th July 1918 and is buried in Mont Huon Military Cemetery, Le Tréport, Normandy. He was awarded the British War Medal and the Victory Medal.
John & Olive had four children :
John Hetley WYBRANTS, born 1907.  An officer and pilot instructor, John was stationed at St Eval, Cornwall, a strategic RAF base, during the second World War.  He was flying Beauforts with the 217 Squadron and was killed in action on 12th February 1941. He is buried in Kerfautras Cemetery, Brest, France
Robert Hope WYBRANTS, born 1909.  He married Dorothy Maude MORTLOCK in December 1941.  He died in March 1980.
Blanca M. D. WYBRANTS, born 1911
Joan Olive WYBRANTS, born 1912. She died in Tunbridge Wells in April 1992.
Mary WYBRANTS, born & died 1849
Mary WYBRANTS, born & died 1851
Emily Ann WYBRANTS, born & died 1852
Mary Harriett WYBRANTS, born 1853, died 1865
Frederick William WYBRANTS, born 1855   
Emily Charlotte WYBRANTS, born in 1856.  She married Francis J. Hart, eldest son of James Hart, on 8th January 1879.
Amy Ann WYBRANTS, born 1861, died 1862

Jonathan married secondly Anne Pynsent MATTHEW in December 1867.  They had a daughter in July 1869. Jonathan died in 1883.  
Mary Pynsent WYBRANTS.  She married Henry Julius THIELEN on 21st July 1925 in Menton, Alpes Maritimes, France and was widowed by 1930.  Mary was Henry’s second wife, he had married previously Theodora Prieth.   Mary died aged 82 in 1951 in Wells, Somerset.

Frederick WYBRANTS, born about 1819.  He emigrated to Australia with his sister Harriet on the s.s. Lorena, arriving in Melbourne in February 1853. He worked with his brother John as a miner.  He returned to Ireland with his sister Harriet.  He died in Dublin at the Richmond Hospital in March 1897.  His address at the time of his death was 49a Leinster Road, Rathmines.


Harriett SISSON married Valentine DUNNE in 1824, second son of Valentine DUNNE and Barbara SINNOTT. Valentine was a solicitor and Master of the Weavers'  Corporation of Dublin in 1841. In 1842 they lived at 12 Charleville Mall, Dublin. She died in 1843 and Valentine in 1848. They had, amongst other issue:


Mary Isabella Dunne, who married George Edkins HOWES, Surgeon, in 1853.
Valentine Dunne of 12, Charleville Mall, a Solicitor, 1850 - 

Eliza SISSON married in 1825 Charles DUNNE the younger brother of Valentine, above. Charles followed their maternal uncle, John Townsend Sinnott in becoming a Silk Merchant; in his case, at 17, New Row, Bridge St. Eliza died in 1847 and Charles in 1868, aged 66. They may have had issue.

Amelia SISSON married John HALL in 1825.  


William SISSON, born 1796.  He matriculated at Trinity College, Dublin, as a pensioner 18th October 1823.  He was in 1826 Deputy Librarian at Marsh’s Library, Dublin.  He married Mary (?) some time before 1841, when they were living in the High St., Queenborough, Kent.  William was a schoolmaster there.  In the 1851 Census, he is still a schoolmaster, living in Wolverhampton, where he died in 1854.  They had no known issue.
(The above information about Anne Johnston's descendants was compiled with the help of Guy Dixon and Niall Sisson's website http://homepage.ntlworld.ie/~niall.sisson

J1T) Matthew JOHNSTON, born 17 March 1756, tenth child of Benjamin Johnston and Mary Weld, died young

J1E) Jane JOHNSTON, eleventh child of Benjamin Johnston and Mary Weld, married John Gunston Holmes. Jane Holmes of Richmond Hill, Rathmines, died around 1843. They had three children:
Maria HOLMES, born in Dublin about 1784. Maria married William FIGGIS. She was living at 12 King Edward Rd, South Hackney, England, where she died on 26th November 1873, aged 89. Maria and William had 12 children:

Jane Esther FIGGIS, first child of Maria and William, born in 1807, married James Gibbons WILSON, son of Gibbon(s) Wilson, on 25th November 1828 in St Peter’s Church, Dublin.  James’ witness was Richard Wilson and Jane’s, William Figgis.  James was a Merchant and Commission Agent in Dublin.  He was taken to court in 1842 for business debts...  Apparently, he went to Montreal in Canada after that and was registered as a Merchant there.  He died shortly after his arrival in Canada, on August 6th 1849. Jane went to live in England with her children,(1851 census). She emigrated to Tasmania around 1863 where she lived for 5 years before moving to the State of Victoria. She was living in Queenscliff, in Hesse Street, when she died on 22nd December 1902, aged 94. She is buried in Queenscliff Cemetery.  Jane & James had eight children (Richard, James, Alfred, Robert, Annie, Emma, Edmund & Maria):


Richard WILSON At the death of his mother, Jane Esther Wilson in 1902, Richard had predeceased her.


James Gibbons WILSON, second son of Jane & James G. Wilson, born in 1833 in Dublin, Ireland. James appears in the 1851 Census, living in Hackney, England, with his widowed mother, his brothers and sister, and his grandmother, Maria Figgis. He was an attorney’s clerk. He married Violette Harriet SAGGERS (born 1846) in Westbury Tasmania in 1868. James died in 1910. They had 6 daughters (Edith, Mabel, Maria, Martha, Elsie & Emily) :

Edith Mary WILSON, eldest daughter of James & Violette, born in Ballarat, Victoria in 1869. She died in 1897, aged 28

Mabel Violette WILSON, second daughter of James & Violette, born in 1871 in Ballarat, Victoria. She died in 1963.

Maria Maud WILSON, third daughter of James & Violette, born in Ballarat, Victoria in 1873

Martha Eleanor WILSON, fourth daughter of James & Violette, born in Ballarat, Victoria in 1874

Elsie WILSON, fifth daughter of James & Violette, born in Ballarat, Victoria in 1878. She married in 1905, in Victoria, Australia, Henry Baylis. She died in 1969 at Dandenong, Victoria. They had issue, amongst others:

Gordon James Baylis

Muriel Violette Baylis

Emily Jane WILSON, youngest daughter of James & Violette, born in Ballarat, Victoria in 1884. She married in 1908, in Victoria, Australia, Walter Hood and died in 1957 at Dromana, Victoria

Alfred Benjamin WILSON, third son of Jane & James G. Wilson, born in Dublin, Ireland on 18th July 1836, christened in St Peter’s Church, Dublin, on 8th August 1836. He married Emily Mary JONES on the same day his brother James (above) married Violette Saggers, in Westbury, Tasmania.  Alfred & Emily has two sons and two daughters.  Emily died two days after the birth of her daughter Emily Jane, on 2nd April 1874. (Alfred, Elizabeth, Aubrey & Emily)

Alfred William Gibbons WILSON, born 1869 in Westbury, Tasmania
Elizabeth Ethel WILSON, born 1870 in Westbury, Tasmania
Aubrey Holmes WILSON, born 1872 in Launceston, Tasmania
Emily Jane WILSON, born 28th March 1874.  She married Robert Marr MILLAR in Launceston in 1897.  They had eleven children.


Alfred Benjamin Wilson married secondly Flora (Sarah Anne) HUNT. She was born in 1850 in Morven, Tasmania,daughter of William HUNT & Fanny née MASON (marriage in Launceston, Tasmania in 1845). The family moved to Victoria around 1888/89 and started an apple orchard business in Red Hill and Main Ridge. Alfred died 30th April 1926, aged 89, in Dromana, Victoria. His wife died on 17th September 1931, aged 81. They had 6 children (Bernard, Gervase, Reginald, Raymond, Beatrice & Lancelot):


Bernard Francis WILSON, eldest son of Alfred & Flora, born in Launceston, Tasmania on 6th February 1879.  Bernard Francis Wilson, 24th Battalion, of Flinders, Vic. Private Wilson enlisted on 12 August 1915 and embarked aboard HMAT Africa on 5 January 1916. On 19 July 1916 he was reported missing in action at Fleurbaix in France during the Battle of Fromelles. Pte Wilson was later reported to have been killed by a prematurely exploding shell on 23 July, aged 37. He is buried in Ration Farm Military Cemetery, La Chapelle-Darmentieres, France.  He married Mary Jane KELLERT, in 1912 in Victoria. Mary Jane was born in 1882 in Melbourne, she died in 1968, aged 86. No issue.

Gervase Mason WILSON, second son of Alfred & Flora Wilson, born in Launceston, Tasmania on 17th June 1880. He was Private in the 3rd (Bushmen’s) Contingent in the Boer War. He married Jane Christina GRAVES in 1908 in Victoria, Australia.  Jane was the youngest daughter of Charles GRAVES and his wife Jane née WHITE, born 1875.  The WHITE family came from Templemore, Tipperary, Ireland and emigrated to Australia in the 1840s.  They settled in Sorrento.   Gervase continued his father’s apple orchard business. (His grandson still runs the one remaining orchard today …) Jane died in 1951 and Gervase died on 11th September 1965. They had two children (Reginald & Jane):
Reginald WILSON, born 1909 at Snapper Point, Victoria
Jane Isabella WILSON, born 22nd November 1913 in Red Hill, Victoria. Jane married Eric Lloyd HEMPHILL on 7th December 1940 in Victoria. Eric died, aged 45, in March 1957 and Jane died on 26th January 1999, aged 85. They had three children.
Reginald James WILSON, third son of Alfred & Flora Wilson, born in Launceston, Tasmania on 17th July 1881. Reginald died about 1970,aged 88.

Raymond Figgis WILSON, fourth son of Alfred & Flora Wilson, born in Launceston, Tasmania on 18th October 1882. He married Julia BARGER on 18th October 1910 in the Government Registry Office in Melbourne. Julia, the eldest of four children, was born on 12th November 1883 to William Barger & Harriet née Kelynack in Bridgewater on Loddon, Victoria. Raymond was firstly a farmer in Punty Lane, Shoreham before becoming a fitter with T. Robertson’s Harvester Factory in Spotswood. Julia died on 26th June 1976, aged 92 and Raymond died on 15th April 1979, aged 96. They are both buried in Cheltenham Cemetery, with Raymond’s brother Lancelot. They had 6 children (Mildred, Howard, Gertrude, Bernard, Beryl & Reginald) :

Mildred Irene WILSON, eldest child of Raymond & Julia Wilson, born on 13th February 1912, in Dromana, Victoria. She married James Arthur NOONAN on 20th March 1933 in Footscray, Victoria. James was born in Footscray on 2nd April 1911 and died on 10th December 1991, aged 80. Mildred died on 1st January 2003, aged 90. She is buried in Mornington Cemetery. They had one daughter.
Howard Reginald WILSON, second child and eldest son of Raymond & Julia Wilson, born on 5th October 1918 in West Footscray, Victoria. He married Ruth COOK, born on 4th May 1922, in the Church of England, Yarraville, Victoria on 18th October 1940. Ruth died on 2nd April 1985, aged 62.  Howard died on 23rd December 2000, aged 82. He was cremated in Springvale. They had five children.

Gertrude Nancy WILSON, third child and second daughter of Raymond & Julia Wilson, born November 1920 in Footscray, Victoria, died 17th February 1921 of meningitis and is buried in Footscray.

Bernard William (Bud) WILSON, fourth child and second son of Raymond & Julia Wilson, born 14 Hotham Street, Seddon, Victoria on 24th May 1923. He married Dorothy Hilda BROWN on 27th October 1945 in Paisley Street Baptist Church, Footscray. Dorothy was born on 2nd  April 1924 in Kensington, Victoria.

Dorothy died in September 2016 and Bud in November 2018.  They are both buried in Warragul, Victoria. 

They had three children


Beryl June WILSON, fifth child and youngest daughter of Raymond & Julia Wilson, born 14 Hotham Street, Seddon, Victoria in June 1925. Beryl died on 24th May 1926 and is buried in Footscray.

Reginald Geoffrey WILSON, youngest child and third son of Raymond & Julia Wilson, born 19th April 1927, Hotham Street, Seddon, Victoria. He married Isobel Florence JONES on 28th February 1953, in the Methodist Church, Bayview Rd, Yarraville. They have 3 children.

Beatrice Mabel WILSON, fifth child of Alfred & Flora Wilson, born in Launceston, Tasmania on 8th July 1887. She died on 29th March 1904, aged 16.

Lancelot Harold WILSON, youngest child of Alfred & Flora Wilson, born on 10th September 1888, in Mentone, Victoria.  He died on 6th December 1889 and is buried in Cheltenham Cemetery.

Robert WILSON By the death of his mother, Jane Esther Wilson, in 1902, Robert had predeceased her.


Annie Jane Wilson born around 1842 in Co. Wicklow, Ireland. She married Henry James Cottee in Ballarat, Victoria on 25th July 1867.  They had six children (Henry, Edgar, Evelyne, William, Arthur & Florence):
Henry James COTTEE, Eldest son of Henry & Annie Cottee 1869-1939. Married 21st Dec 1892, Mary PITCHER.  They had five children.
Edgar Howard COTTEE, second son of Henry & Annie Cottee,1870-1938. Married Sarah Jane WHYTE.  They had 2 children.                
Evelyne Jane COTTEE, third child & eldest daughter of Henry & Annie Cottee, 1872-1895. She is buried in Queenscliff.
William Herbert COTTEE, fourth child & third son of Henry & Annie Cottee, born 1874.
Arthur Harold COTTEE, fifth child & fourth son of Henry & Annie Cottee, 1877-1929. He married Isabel Campbell WHYTE. They had twins, Alan & Nancy.

Florence Annie COTTEE, youngest child & daughter of Henry & Annie Cottee, 1880-1954. She married George Henry COOK in 1903.  They had three children.

Emma WILSON At death of her mother, Jane Esther Wilson, in 1902, Emma had predeceased her.

Edmund Johnston WILSON, born around 1846 in Dublin, Ireland. He married Jane Mary HAMMET in 1873 in Digger, Victoria.  Edmund died in 1921 aged 75. They had 6 children (Reginald, Vivian, Clement, Harvey, Muriel & Vera):
Reginald Wentworth WILSON, born in Ballan, Victoria in 1874.  He died in 1895 at Broken Hill, NSW, aged 21.

Vivian Stuart WILSON, born State of Victoria in 1876. Died 1953

Clement Percival WILSON, born in Ballan, Victoria in 1878.  He died in Hawthorn, Victoria in 1906.
Harvey Figgis WILSON, 1880-1909 

Muriel Daley WILSON, born State of Victoria in 1884.  Died 1972
Vera Temple WILSON 1887-1977.  She married George Maurice GRIFFIN in Jeetho, Victoria in 1920.  They had a son, William, 1921-2004


Maria WILSON Eighth & youngest child. At death of her mother, Jane Esther Wilson, in 1902, Maria had predeceased her.


Susan FIGGIS, second child of Maria and William, married Purcell
Maria FIGGIS, third child of Maria and William, married Richard Hicks, died leaving two sons

Samuel FIGGIS, fourth child of Maria and William, born around 1816 in Dublin. In the 1841 census Samuel is a "Merchant", living in Islington.  He married Sarah Smith in 1843 in St Alphage, London.   Sarah was baptised on 7th February 1819, St Alphage, daughter of Benjamin Smith & Anne nee Chaplin. (Her brother Benjamin Smith probably married Samuel's sister Anne Figgis in August 1843 in the same church. Benjamin Smith & Anne Figgis' daughter Anna Maria Figgis married her cousin, another Samuel Figgis, the son of John Figgis & Elizabeth Bradley) Samuel & Sarah emigrated to Australia, State of Victoria, on the Severn, arriving November 1852, with their sons Benjamin, William Harold, Charles and their daughter Clara. They lived in Gregory Street, Ballarat. Samuel Figgis died in September 1879, aged 66, and is buried in the New Cemetery, Norman Street, Ballarat, Privd section 13, grave 13. Sarah died in April 1893, aged 74. She was residing in Geelong. She is buried with her husband. They had seven children :
[1] Benjamin Johnston FIGGIS, born 2nd quarter 1844 in Hackney, died 1902, married Janet Eskdale BROWN in 1868, State of Victoria. Janet died aged 69 on 26th November 1915 at "Cluden", St Kilda. She is buried in Brighton Cemetery, Melbourne, Plot J97. (Janet's mother was nee Johnston(e) They had seven children :
Arthur Johnston FIGGIS, born 1869, married Ada Jane STEPHENS in 1894. Ada died in 1947, aged 79. Arthur died in Canterbury in 1960, aged 91. They had five children :
Samuel Douglas FIGGIS, born in Balaclava, Victoria. Died in World War I at Anzac, on 10th August 1915, buried in Beach Cemetery Address of parents at the time : "Highbury", Wattle Valley Rd, Canterbury.
Harold Arthur FIGGIS, born 1897. He died in 1982
Alan Macgillicuddy FIGGIS, born 1899, in Balaclava, Victoria. (Ada Jane's mother was nee Macgillicuddy). Alan died on 22 October 1988, aged 89. His ashes were scattered in Fawkner Crematorium & Memorial Park.
Hope Goodshaw FIGGIS, 1903 - 1981. He married Frances Arona THOMAS in 1930, they had a son :
Robert Thomas FIGGIS, born 19th December 1931, died 25th July 1981
Kathleen Margaret FIGGIS, born 1907, died in 1983
Edwin Clement FIGGIS, born 1870
Winifrid Janet FIGGIS, born 1873. Died 1875. She was buried on 1 February 1875 in the New Cemetery in Ballarat, in the same grave as her grandparents.

Alice Mary FIGGIS, born 1874. She died in Caulfield in 1947, aged 72. She married Charles Herbert KERRY in 1897. They had seven children :
Donovan Johnstone KERRY, born 1898
Marjorie Wallace KERRY, born 1899.
Kathleen KERRY, born 1900. She died in 1978, aged 77. She married HORTON
Janet Elizabeth KERRY, born 1901
May Constance KERRY, born 1903
Beryl Mary KERRY, born 1906
Herbert Figgis KERRY, born 1 November 1910 in St Kilda, Victoria

Sarah Constance, born 1877. She married William Robert WEST in 1905.
Samuel, born 1881

Clara Agnes, born 1883. She died in 1966, aged 83. She married Percy Renoden MATTHEWS in 1906. They had two children :
Honor Clara Janet MATTHEWS, born 1907
Norman Percy Figgis MATTHEWS, born 26 January 1911 in Echuca.

[2] William Harold FIGGIS, born 1846 in Hackney, died 1932, in Ballarat aged 85. He was buried on 26 September 1932 in the New Cemetery in Ballarat, Privf section 1, row 2, grave 6. William married Maria DEAR in 1871 in Hobart , Tasmania. They lived in Ligar Street, Ballarat. (William's Will has been found in Hobart 1933 ...) Maria died in Ballarat in July 1942, aged 94 and was cremated in Fawkner Crematorium. She is buried with her husband in Ballarat. (Maria's spinster sister, Sarah DEAR, also lived in Ligar St, and is buried in the same grave, 3 November 1928, aged 87.)

[3] Charles Douglas FIGGIS, died 1895, State of Victoria, Australia. Charles was an architect. He married Zillah Ann PRICE in 1878. She died in 1939. They had three children :
Ruby Kate, born 1879 - 1930, State of Victoria, Australia
Charles Samuel born 1882, died 1896
Irene Sarah, born 1886, died in 1976

[4] Clara Elizabeth FIGGIS, born 1851 Camberwell, London. She died in Belgrave in 1924, aged 74. She married William REID in 1875, State of VIctoria. They had five children :
Winifred Helen REID, born 1876. Died 1898
Leslie Figgis REID, born 1878 in St Arnaud, Victoria. Died 1963
William Sydney REID, born 1880. Died 1960
Emily Clarice REID, born 1883
Marion Olive REID, born 1890

[5] Samuel Ernest FIGGIS, born 2 June 1854 He qualified at the School of Mines in Ballarat. He married Elizabeth Rosa NICHOLSON in 1882. She died on 24 March 1937, aged 76. Samuel died on 17 April 1922, aged 67, they are both buried in Brighton Cemetery, Melbourne, plot G 55E. They had four children :
William Ernest FIGGIS, born 13 January 1884. He qualified at the School of Mines in Ballarat. He served his country in World War I in 2nd King Edward's Horse/ 4th Bedfordshire Regt, Royal Engineers, B.E.F. William married Laura May STEVENS in St Martin in the Fields church, London, 4 Quarter 1914. He died on 7 December 1929, aged 45, and was buried on 12 August 1930, in Brighton Cemetery, Melbourne, Plot F 181A. Laura died in St Kilda in 1951, aged 54. . William & Laura had a son :
Peter E. FIGGIS, born 4th Quarter 1915, in St Mawes,Truro, England

Ella Margaret FIGGIS, born 1886, died in 1967, aged 80, buried 10 July 1967, in Brighton Cemetery, Melbourne, Plot G 55E
Rosa Millicent FIGGIS, born 1888
Emily Doris FIGGIS, born 1892, died in 1967
Frances Adelaide FIGGIS , born 1899, died of heart failure on 13 June 1921, buried on 14 June 1921, Brighton Cemetery, Melbourne, Plot G 55E

[6] Maria Smith FIGGIS, born 1857. Died 1857

[7] Maria Emily FIGGIS, born 1861. She died in Canterbury in 1947, aged 85. She married Robert VANCE in 1889. They had two sons :
Robert Moore VANCE, born 1890. He died in Canterbury in 1936, aged 47.
Eric Smith VANCE, born 1893. He died in 1970 aged 77.


Thomas FIGGIS, fifth child of Maria and William, born around 1817. Emigrated to Tasmania. Married Anna Moore in 1874. Died in Launceston, Tasmania in 1893

William FIGGIS sixth child of Maria and William

Elizabeth FIGGIS, seventh child of Maria and William, married John Nathaniel St Georges (St Georgio) in St Peter's Church, Dublin on 30th July 1841.

Anna FIGGIS, eigth child of Maria and William, married Benjamin Smith (Samuel Figgis' wife's brother) in 1843 in St Alphage, London.

John FIGGIS, ninth child of Maria and William, died, no children

Margaret FIGGIS, tenth child of Maria and William, second wife of Richard Hicks, married 2nd Quarter 1854 in Hackney

Edmund Johnston FIGGIS, eleventh child of Maria and William, born 1821

Emma FIGGIS, twelth child of Maria and William, born around 1825. Emigrated to Australia. Died in State of Victoria in 1891.

Anne Johnston 1753, the Sisson and Wybrants families

Jane Johnston 1757, the Figgis and Wilson families

Mary Anna Sisson / Filliter

Jonathan Sisson - born 1777

Mary Sarah Filliter / Dixon.


George Dixon

Mary Elizabeth Dixon

Winifred Jane Dixon / Atkinson

George Thomas Dixon

John Hetley Wybrants

Anne Johnston 1753,

the Sisson and  Wybrants families


Jane Johnston 1757,

the Figgis and Wilson families

The following information on the Wilson family has been contributed by Bud Wilson - for which we owe great thanks.

James Gibbons Wilson

Annie Jane Cottee (née Wilson)    


Henry James Cottee

Bernard Francis Wilson

Edgar Cottee & Sarah née Whyte 1895

Evelyne Jane Cottee


Arthur Cottee 

Florence Annie Cottee married George Cook 1903

Vera Temple Griffin née Wilson

Bud and Dorothy's wedding

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Raymond Figgis Wilson


 Julia Barger

Captain Bill Dixon in Delhi 1942     Hope de Gruchy / Dixon