112) Peter Maturin, younger son of the Dean of Killala. In Alumni Dublinenses (1935 edition) the son of Peter Maturin, born in Utrecht, Holland (1705) entered Trinity College in April 1723, aged 18 years, prepared by Dr Lloyd of Dublin, as a pensioner i.e. he or another paid a fixed annual fee for his education; he obtained a BA in Spring (Vern) 1727 and BD (Bachelor of Divinity) and DD (Doctor of Divinity) in Summer (Aest) 1737; also listed as LLD.

1121) Peter Maturin.  Only child of Peter (112).  Gloucestershire Regiment archives note that Peter Maturin was born in 1732, commissioned as Ensign in 2/3 Battalion Buffs on 22 January 1752 and promoted to Lieutenant 21 April 1754.  He transferred to 61st (South Gloucestershire) Foot on 26 August 1756 but then appears to have transferred out as records cease.

Documents are then confusing.  Millan's List of Officers dated May 1756 notes Lt. Peter Maturin in the First Regiment of Foot.  However "Historical Records of the Buffs"(Medici Society 1935) indicates that Lt. Peter Maturin transferred from the 1st Bn 1st Foot to the Buffs at an unstated date.  An internet history of the Glosters states that in 1756 the Third Regiment of Foot (The Buffs) was enlarged and divided in to two battalions.  In 1757 the regiment was sent on an expedition to France.  In the spring of the following year the second battalion of the Buffs was constituted as the 61st Regiment of Foot.  Peter Maturin is listed as a Lieutenant of that regiment when it was encamped at Chatham in 1758 but it is not known if he had retired before the Regiment embarked for the West Indies at the end of that year.

The Register of Deeds in Dublin recites the marriage settlement dated 24 March 1763 between Peter and Susannah Dobbs.  Susannah was born in 1733, the daughter of William Dobbs (surgeon-general 1689 - 1741 of Dublin) and Margaret (1700 - 1762).

In a "Calendar of New York Colonial Manuscripts indorsed land papers" a Peter Maturin is noted in an extract dated 1767.  It is not known for certain if that refers to this Peter.

Two entries in the names of Peter and Susannah are mentioned in the Register of Deeds.  The first on 2 November 1775 and the second on 10 October 1795.

At an unknown date Peter was appointed as one of the two Inspectors General to the Barrack Board.  The Belfast Newsletter ran a damning article about misappropriation of funds by that board in the 31 December 1782 issue.

The name of "Peter Maturin Esq" is on the list of subscribers to Beaufort's Map of Ireland in 1792.

A tangle of relationships between Maturins, Dobbs, Ruxtons, Wolfes and Synges is revealed in "The Silence of Barbara Synge" by W J Cormack.   As Dean of Killala from 1724 to 1741 Rev. Peter Maturin had Edward Synge as his Archbishop (of Tuam) throughout that time.  In his diary for 1799 Sir Robert Synge mentions that his wife, Margaret's, "Uncle Maturin" had died.  In 1810, when Susannah died, Margaret noted that "my poor Aunt Maturin was released from her long suffering".  Margaret's parents were Theobald Wolfe and Elizabeth Dobbs (Susannah's sister).   Theobald must have thought highly of Peter as he bequeathed the substantial sum of £600 to him in 1784.  In further removes Theobald Wolfe was related to Theobald Wolfe Tone (sentenced to death for his part in the 1798 rebellion) and his brother, John, was the father of Arthur Wolfe, the Earl of Kilwarden.  The latter met a very untimely end in St. Thomas Street, Dublin in 1803 during Emmet's Insurrection, being dragged from his carriage and repeatedly stabbed with pikes until he begged for the coup de grace.   In an almost repetitive pattern Charles Robert Maturin weaves Wicklow and the Synge background into Melmoth the Wanderer.  Maturin used the gory St Thomas Street scene in The Tale of the Spaniard in much the same way as, later in the same epic he used the murder of William Hamilton in Clondevaddock (see Henry 11112).  Arthur Wolfe had married Anne Ruxton; her brother William, who died on 29 December 1783 aged 62, was a fellow surgeon general to William Dobbs.  William and Margaret Dobbs, William Ruxton and Peter and Susannah Maturin lie under the same flat stone in St Werbergh's, Dublin which bears the following inscription:

Underneath lie interr’d
W Dobbs Esq of Dublin Surgn  died 28 Aug 1741 aged 52
Marg. Dobbs his wife died 18th March 1762 aged 62
W. Ruxton Esq of Dublin Surgn died 29th Dec 1783 aged 62
Peter Maturin Esq. died 20 Dec 1799 aged 67
Susanna Maturin wife of said Peter & youngest Daughter of said Wm Dobbs died 18th Feb 1810 aged 77


113) Anne Maturin, daughter of the Dean of Killala. Married to Thomas Melvin Esq. of Dublin. M.L. Dated Dec 21, 1761. (Perhaps there is some mistake here as the date of her marriage seems to belong to the next generation of the family.)

114) Mary Maturin, daughter of the Dean of Killala.


1114) Anne Maturin, daughter of the Dean of St Patrick's. (IGI states born "about 1743") Married in Cork, Oct. 11, 1764, to Riggs Falkiner Esq. of Anne's Mount, Co. Cork, who was created a Baronet in 1777. She was his second wife. A daughter of this marriage, Sarah Anne, was married, July 12, 1784, to W.T. Mullins, Esq. afterwards (1814) the 2nd Lord Ventry. She was the first of three wives (sic) and died in 1788, leaving two daughters.


1115) Rachel Maturin
1116) Emma Maturin

These two ladies are said to have been daughters of the Dean of St Patrick's.


11113) Margaret Maturin daughter of the Rev: Charles Maturin. Baptised at St. Ann's Church, Dublin, with her twin sister Anne, Sept 12, 1774. Married Feb 27, 1800 to Thomas Quinan Esq. of Dublin. ("Gents Mag." June 1800 p. 588). Thomas described as "pragmaticus" (solicitor) in Alum Dub when his sons entered TCD; Charles in 1820 (born 1804, Henry Maturin in 1822 (born 1806), Thomas in 1826 (born 1810) when his father was described as "Procurator in Curia Cancellarii", and Edward in 1831 (born 1815, schooled in France where his aunt Anne was living). He died in 1846 and she died Jan 12, 1856.


Henry Maturin Quinan born 1806. In Dublin Directory 1850 noted at 23 Lower Leeson Street Dublin (described as "barrister Michaelmas term 1831" in the Dublin City Directory 1850, sharing premises with his brother Edward, FRICS - surgeon). Married Martha Harrison 26 June 1847 (IGI).


Emily Quinan, was married (1st) to Walter Hussey Hill Esq. (who died in 1836 leaving no issue) and (2nd) to Sir John Sheppey Ribton, Bart. of Woodbrook, Bray, Jan 20, 1841. He died May 1, 1877, aged 80. Their eldest son is now Sir George Ribton, Bart.

Robert Denys Denson Quinan married Emma Frances Shackcloth in 1844. He died at Point Nepean, Victoria, Aus in 1865. She died in Dromana, Victoria in 1907 aged 87. Had family:

Emily Caroline Quinan, born Mar 16 1845 at Broken River, Victoria. On Jun 26 1862, at Dromana, she married James Purves, who was born in Berwick-upon-Tweed and christened on Oct 16 1835. He died at Dromana in Nov 1913. She died at Dromana on Aug 4 1910. Had family:

Frances Ada Elizabeth Purves, born Feb 13 1883 in Tootgarook, Victoria. In 1906 she married Alfred Charles Hanson, who was born in Wagga Wagga, NSW. She died at Mt. Beauty, Victoria on Dec 20 1950. He died at Tawonga, Victoria Feb 5 1960. Had family:

Vera Adeline Frances Hanson, born Sep 19 1907 at Rosebud, Victoria. On Nov 28, 1928 she married Frederick Thomas Wilson. He was born at Bendigo, Victoria on May 16 1907 and died at Kangaroo Flat Oct 3 1992. She died Jul 8 1997 at Bendigo. Had family.


11114) Anne Maturin, twin sister with Margaret, with whom she was baptised at St. Ann's Church, Dublin, Sept 12, 1774. Married to
Lieut. Col. Molesworth Phillips and had issue. (M.L. dated ? 4,1800). IGI - Married at St Anne's, Dublin 4 Oct 1800.

111141)  Elizabeth Phillips, born 1807 in France. Married Washington Shirley Maturin (see 111115) 26 Dec 1836 in British Embassy Paris.


11115) Elizabeth Maturin.  A Poetess. Died unmarried.

11116) Emma Maria Maturin buried in St Peter's Churchyard, Dublin (from St. Stephen's Green) Jan 30, 1780.

11117) Edith Maturin married to - Magill Esq of Loughbrickland, Co Down. Left no issue

11118) Mary Maturin. Born about 1773. Died unmarried. Buried at St. Ann's Churchyard, Dublin (from 23 Leeson St.) June 3, 1833, aged 60.

Gabriel's grandchildren

The Maturin Arms

awarded to Peter in 1728

Gabriel's grandchildren

including Peter (1705), his son Peter (1732), Dean Gabriel James daughters and the Quinan connection

Dean Gabriel's eldest son Charles (1729), his eldest son Gabriel (1767) and his family

Henry (1771), Charles' second son, and his descendants

Captain Gabriel (1730) second son of Dean Gabriel James

William (c 1740)

third son of Dean Gabriel and his family

Gabriel (1638), his son Peter (1668) and grandson Gabriel James (1700)